Bolivia self storage

Bolivia, NC Self Storage

OmniStorage ​is Brunswick County's premier self storage facility having been voted "Best of Brunswick" since 2008.  Bolivia, the Seat of Brunswick County, NC is populated by 6,880 people (2010 U.S. Census).  As of last year, it also has the bragging rights for a brand new "State of the Art" hospital, the Brunswick Novant Medical Center.   Within a few miles is another hospital, numerous doctor's offices, EMS services, a clinic, the Brunswick County Community College and three Elementary Schools. 

OmniStorage in Bolivia, NC is the closest self storage facility to the entire medical complex, the government complex,the college and the other schools.  Though proximity is critical when a doctor, hospital, Sheriff, Judge or school administrator needs a stored piece of equipment, tool or document, it is the least of the benefits we offer.  We focus our attention on those benefits that have fostered the loyalty of the thousands of Brunswick County residents, medical personnel, government and educational employees and contractors that have trusted us with their self storage needs.  They trust us because we consistently work hard to insure:


When surveyed about why they chose to store their possessions with us, our tenants commonly refer to our efforts to make the facility secure.  Generally, they mention our fence first and they are right in doing so, because the  most important self storage security installation is the fence.  Ours is continuous, 8’ tall and made mostly of steel.  Only OmniStorage has such a fence.

Another aspect mentioned is that OmniStorage is exposed.  Our tenants do not feel isolated or threatened while on our property, because the facility is not hidden behind something else nor “off the beaten path”.  It is also well lit at night. 

Finally they comment on our management team.  Friendly, professional and alert are commonly cited. 

Access / Accessibility

Security has a lot to do with access.  The less access anyone has to a facility, the more secure the facility.  For this reason OmniStorage has limited gate hours.  When faced with a choice between access and security, we choose security.

As for accessibility, our drives are very semi-truck friendly.   Movers coming to Brunswick County will ask if a self storage facility is “18-wheeler” assessable.  OmniStorage is!   There has never been anyone having to call a tow truck or use a shuttle van to work on our property. 


OmniStorage has a wide range of both climate controlled and conventional storage spaces.  Being as we cater to contractors, hospitals, doctors, golf communities, government departments and students, we must have it all.  And we do.  We have sizes small enough for the college student to store a few things while away in Summer.  We have spaces large enough to store rooms of hospital equipment. Our larger units also have lights inside.


Our tenants comment on the cleanliness of our property; inside, outside and landscape.  OmniStorage is clean because our management and maintenance staff want it that way.  We all want your stay to be the finest experience that you have ever had in self storage, and it begins with cleanliness.


Our managers and maintenance team are responsive because we know that your decision to choose OmniStorage will be based on trust.  Because of the trust and loyalty of past and current tenants, OmniStorage has the largest word of mouth referral network in Brunswick County.  If you ask around, we will probably be referred. 

We want to include you among our thousands of past and current tenants.   Select the "Reserve" button above and insure the availability of the space that you need, when you need it.  Or come by.  Allow us to show you how OmniStorage is your best option in Bolivia self storage, offering climate controlled storage and conventional storage.

People choose OmniStorage because there is a difference.